The First Amendment of the Tamalean Constitution

As of the 8th of September 2020, the Tamales of Club Penguin (The Tamalean Empire) hereby ceases operations, as per the will of the Tamale Creators Sidie9, Emma and Bryce. As the army had strayed from its founding principles of pride, sovereignty and independence, Tamalea became a mere corpse of its original image. The Tamalean Consuls (creators) hereby close the army, and issue the First Amendment of the Tamalean Constitution:

The Tamales of Club Penguin (the Tamalean Empire) or renditions of any kind may not be revived, recreated or continued without permission to do so, which may only be granted with Tamalean Creator/Consul majority support.

The Tamalean Creators include:
– Sidie9
– Emma
– Bryce

In the circumstance that the Tamales of Club Penguin (The Tamalean Empire) is revived or continued without proper permission from the Consuls, the revival or continuation would be deemed illegal and illegitimate.


Subzero Showdown Tournament: Battle With The Silver Empire [RESULTS]


Today we logged onto White House on for our first battle as the Tamales in the SZAL Subzero Showdown Tournament. Knowing we were likely to lose, we just had fun and didn’t take the battle seriously. We maxed 8 and had a good time, we tied at the Ice Rink and lost the other two rooms. Thank you Silver Empire for the fun battle. 5 minute joke bomb now.

Until next time!

Invasion of Fiesta (CPAWL) [RESULTS]

Hola Tamales!

On Wednesday we logged onto for the Invasion of Fiesta (CPAWL) with 5 troops in attendance. The post for this event was not written, and while I was not online during the event I have taken it upon myself to write this post as a formality. Viva Los Tamales!

Until next time.

The Grand Opening Of The Tamales [RESULTS]

Hola Tamales!

Today we logged onto Alpine on for the opening event of the Tamales of Club Penguin. Joined by troops and friends, we met at the forts and began our new adventure in the Tamales. We maxed 11 and averaged 10 with exemplary tactics. This is a good way to start our new legacy and I look forward to what the future holds!

(Note: the account ‘Sidie’ is TML HICOM member Lizzie, who did not have an approved account at the time of the event).

Sí Se Puede!

Sí Se Puede || The Tamales of Club Penguin

Greetings my fellow Tamales and readers,

After deliberation between the Water Troops and the People’s Imperial Confederation, it has been decided the two armies should merge with one another. The Tamales of Club Penguin is hereby established as the successor to WT and PIC, while also serving as a spiritual homage to the historic Nachos Army. Under the leadership of Emma, Lukey, Attai/Tyler, myself and an excellent advisory team, the Tamales will seek to reach new heights unseen by our predecessors.

I implore you to join us on this new journey.
Sí Se Puede, Viva Los Tamales.

El Capitán